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Posted by adrienne_adam on 27th February 2010

Cherry Bomb

There’s so many film’s I keep forgetting about that I so want to see this year! In comparison to last year, although there were loads I wanted to see then as well, this year I seem to be so much more aware of all the great movies coming out. I’m going to be absolutely broke [...]

Posted by adrienne_adam on 23rd February 2010

Band of Brothers, don’t forget.

I get emotional quite easily, not over every day things, but thing’s that I see on films and TV programmes. Everyday things I deal with quite well, sometimes a little too well.  I think it must be connected to the escapism I find in films. I’ve spent my life escaping from reality, with films and [...]

Posted by adrienne_adam on 20th February 2010

Two very different films, one very excited girl.

There are two film’s being released this year that I am very excited about. Actually that’s a lie, there’s three, but I’m not including Alice in Wonderland, that will receive a post at a later date. For now I’m talking about Price of Persia- The Sands Of Time, and Shutter Island.
If you’ve heard anything about [...]

Posted by adrienne_adam on 15th February 2010

Watchmen; my favourite adaptation.

Not to be confused with my favourite film, far from it in fact. Not that Watchmen isn’t an amazing film, it’s just not one of my all time favourites. It is however possibly one of the best adaptations from a book/novel/comic. Although that all depends on what you feel an adaptation should be. There’s a [...]

Posted by adrienne_adam on 12th February 2010

Sir David of Tennant, My Time Lord

So I’m writing this whilst sat in front of a gorgeous roaring fire. Thought you’d like to know. Just been out to the shops to buy the new SFX magazine, drool! It has a feature on Doctor Who, and the revamp the series is undergoing. New doctor, new writer. It’s all going on.
Now all my [...]

Posted by adrienne_adam on 9th February 2010

Where to go from here?

Ok, so for the past year and a bit, I’ve been passing my time working for a certain hotel company in the south of England. Which is all well and good for the money aspect of life, but it’s beginning to get a bit tiring. With the job situation still fairly up in the air, [...]

Posted by adrienne_adam on 8th February 2010


For those of you that don’t know, I’m an avid Marvel fan. Not that I don’t like DC, it’s just I much prefer reading comics that come from Marvel. Because of this, I tend to get giddily excited when comics become films, especially when they‘re Marvel.. So when I went to see a film a [...]

Posted by adrienne_adam on 8th February 2010


Hello All!
This is my first post on my brand new blog, which has been set up and designed by the lovely Andy Mardell. I’ve been dying to start a blog for absolutely ages, but never had the motivation or drive to do so. After a month or so of fine tuning this site, it’s finally [...]