Posted by adrienne_adam on 23rd February 2010

Band of Brothers, don’t forget.

I get emotional quite easily, not over every day things, but thing’s that I see on films and TV programmes. Everyday things I deal with quite well, sometimes a little too well.  I think it must be connected to the escapism I find in films. I’ve spent my life escaping from reality, with films and programmes, but the flipside to that is not everything in film land is perfect. In fact 90% of the time, it’s far from it. I’m not one of these people who can watch something then detach themselves from it straight away. Things stick with me, sometimes for days. Most of the time I have to remind myself that it’s not real and everything is fine.

Which is probably why, I find myself watching Band of Brothers so often. One to build up an immunity to the ridiculous sadness I feel when watching it, because I love the series and it would be a shame to not watch it. Two, because despite the sadness for me, it’s an absolutely brilliant piece of television, expertly made and delicately handled. The big difference of course with BoB is that it is real, it happened. What ever other reasons I watch the series for, the most important one will always remain that I feel it should be watched, and should never be forgotten. I’d feel disrespectful trying to push the images from my mind. After all I’m sat in a cosy bed watching this, not living through it.

There are many ways to remember the men who fought for our freedom. Remembrance day is one, but that only falls once a year. And all too often kids today don’t seem to know what these men went through, war games are played with a certain ignorance and degree of carelessness. There isn’t enough respect worldwide for these men anymore, or what they went through. They didn’t get the chance to start again, once they were dead that was it. I’m not saying we should never enjoy ourselves, or constantly feel pain for what they went through, for what would have been the point of them fighting, if the people they fought for didn’t enjoy the free life they had? But we should never forget. The hardships they went through and the men…friends that they lost. They deserve respect, from every generation from now until the end of days.

It’s thanks to my late grandfather I have the respect I do for these men, for all the men who fought in both wars. Thanks to Band of Brothers I can gain some idea of what they went through, and I do plan one day to visit the places they fought, and Flanders fields, to pay my respects. To those involved in the film making process, to the actors who portrayed these soldiers, they learnt what it was like to be involved in war. The emotion they felt upon meeting the soldiers families, and those who survived, will no doubt be with them for the rest of time. Series like these enable me to remember, whenever I lose sight or my grip on reality, that I live in a free world for a reason. That I have no inherit right to ever feel cheated or truly depressed. And no matter how bad things get I will always be privileged to have the life I have.

You may not agree with war. I can’t say I do. But it’s not the soldiers choice, whether we are proud of the war or not we should always be proud of our men. And Band of Brothers proves why.

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