Posted by adrienne_adam on 27th February 2010

Cherry Bomb

There’s so many film’s I keep forgetting about that I so want to see this year! In comparison to last year, although there were loads I wanted to see then as well, this year I seem to be so much more aware of all the great movies coming out. I’m going to be absolutely broke come end of the summer. Then there will be this little quiet period before all the winter blockbusters start kicking out. Hello broke me.

I’ve covered most of the ones I want to see so far, save a few. One of the less mainstream big movies that I really want to see, is The Runaways. There’s a few reasons why, I like The Runaways and Joan Jett, my parents always showed me the music they liked when I was younger rather than encouraging me to embrace all the new stuff that they didn’t particularly like. So I grew up with a healthy respect and appreciation for all kinds of music. I also want to see how Kristen Stewart does as Joan Jett. I want to like her as an actress I really do, but having seen Adventureland and seen how she does the same lip movements and sighing and grunting that she does in Twilight, I’m wondering if that’s all she can do.

Obviously, I hope it’s not. She’s not your conventional pretty girl actress, I mean she’s absolutely stunning but in her own kind of way. She doesn’t dress up for the cameras she wears what she wants, which is usually ripped jeans and a baggy T-shirt and I love that. It’d be great if she could break out of the Twilight mould and prove herself a bit more with The Runaways. In terms of the way she is off the camera, she’s probably one of my favourite actresses, I’d love to be able to credit that with a few more films too.

I’m quite a big fan of Dakota Fanning too, although is it just me or did I miss her growing up? When did she get old enough to be in The Runaways? Swear she’s only about five. But either way, she seems like she’s got her head screwed on in interviews, and that being a child star hasn’t particularly messed her up, yet. Obviously the main drives in this movie are the female leads, and the music. Female power wasn’t around then, and it’s great to see a film come out about one of the first groups to really cement women in rock and roll. I won’t go all women’s right’s on you, but it’s always fun to see women getting gritty, especially when it’s a true story like this.

So in conclusion, I’m excited for this film even if it’s just to hear the music. I’ve seen the teaser trailer, which I’ll put here, it looks pretty awesome. This will be the second 70’s orientated film I’ve seen recently, which just makes me want to wear their clothes and listen to their music, it was so much better!

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