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For those of you that don’t know, I’m an avid Marvel fan. Not that I don’t like DC, it’s just I much prefer reading comics that come from Marvel. Because of this, I tend to get giddily excited when comics become films, especially when they‘re Marvel.. So when I went to see a film a while back and saw a teaser trailer for a film titled “Kick-Ass” about wannabe superheroes, I had to go look it up. Turns out, Kick-Ass is a Mark Millar creation, the man responsible for Wanted and The Ultimate Fantastic Four series, amongst others.  Published in February 2008, and printed under Marvel’s Icon imprint, both the script for the film and the comic were being written at the same time. Unusual, but it seems Mark Millar was  incredibly proud of his new comic idea, and  proposed a movie deal to director Matthew Vaughn, before he’d even put pen to paper.

It’s a new venture for Vaughn, who’s well known for classics such as Snatch and Lock Stock, as well as family favourites like Stardust. Family friendly Kick-Ass most certainly is not. According to Empire’s March issue, the film was turned down by just about every studio, which only fuelled Vaughn’s desire to make the idea a reality. Featuring an 11 year old girl who regularly throw’s around the “c” word, and fight’s dirty, it’s sure to raise eyebrows as well as pulses.

Kick-Ass is one of the few comics who’s heroes don’t have super powers. Even relatively power free Watchmen had the big blue Dr Manhattan. Kick-Ass is basically a bunch of ordinary people, who put on silly outfits and go out and fight crime…power-less. Dave Lizewski (the alter ego of Kick-Ass was put up for auction, this was the result) is a normal teenage boy, who inspired by comic books, becomes a super hero. Turns out he’s not the only one, as he meets Hit Girl, Big Daddy and Red mist, throughout the film. It seems like it must have been done before, but again as Empire points out, it simply hasn’t. Which makes it comic and movie gold, at least in my eyes.

I love the Ultimate FF series, and the films that Matthew Vaughn has created, so to put the two together can only end in greatness.  Due to hit the cinema in April 2010, I’m literally dying to see this film. To keep me occupied until then, I’m determined to hunt down the comic book series and take a peek. It’ll be interesting to see how this film fares in a film genre that is beginning to find it’s feet, with the likes of Iron Man and X Men. I’ll definitely be writing my review when the time comes!



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