Posted by adrienne_adam on 20th February 2010

Two very different films, one very excited girl.

There are two film’s being released this year that I am very excited about. Actually that’s a lie, there’s three, but I’m not including Alice in Wonderland, that will receive a post at a later date. For now I’m talking about Price of Persia- The Sands Of Time, and Shutter Island.

If you’ve heard anything about these two movies, you’ll know you couldn’t find two movies further apart in terms of plot lines and genres. One’s adapted from a video game, an action film laced with comedy, whilst the others an intense psychological thriller. The one thing they both have in common is that I am absolutely gagging to see both.

The reasons behind Prince of Persia are straightforward. I own three Prince of Persia games and love them all equally. Many an evening/day has been spent trying to make Dastan run up a bloody wall and avoid being attacked by some hideous monster/scantily clad bitch. I absolutely love the games. But also, it will fill my insatiable need for big epic fantasy blockbusters. I feel rather robbed of them recently, I refuse to count Twilight as one. Ever since Lord of the Rings and Pirates finished, I have no string of epic movies to look forward to. No big action sequences no wonderful large beautiful sets. From the trailer, this film looks set to tick all the right boxes for me, and I can’t wait. On Jerry Bruckheimer’s life be it if it doesn’t live up to my expectations.

And Shutter Island? Well I’ll be honest, I hadn’t even heard of the film until I read a feature on it. It had a double page spread, and it starred Leonardo DiCaprio. I decided to give it a read, and I’m thoroughly glad I did, for now I just have to see it. I wont write much about it here now, but it is a thriller, set on a creepy island hosting a hospital for the criminally insane, which a man visits it to determine how on earth a murderess escaped from one of it’s locked rooms, without anyone noticing. Oh and he’s tortured by images of his dead wife, and from liberating the death camp Dachau. It sounds creepy, it sounds scary, it sounds like it will mess with your head. It sounds perfect. I may as well establish I’m not fond of horrors, I’m especially not fond of gore. Thrillers however I can handle. I’m fascinated by the minds who can create such plot twists and mind messing storylines.. Film’s that keep me hooked not by scenery or epic fight scenes, but by clever writing and intelligence aplenty, are equally as important to me. This promises to be one of these films.

Released first is Shutter Island, on March 12th, Prince of Persia much later. Both very different, both very eagerly anticipated by yours truly.


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  1. O'Doodle says:

    Inception looks like an awesome movie too….Leo is such a good actor :) Can’t wait for either of those though :D

  2. Pete says:

    Yeah I’m going to watch shutter Island looks like DI caprio is scorsese new muse. But I’m not sure if Scorsese has ever done a horror/thiller. Very interseting me thinks

  3. From what i’ve seen read, seems like he’s done a good job =D