Posted by adrienne_adam on 15th February 2010

Watchmen; my favourite adaptation.

Not to be confused with my favourite film, far from it in fact. Not that Watchmen isn’t an amazing film, it’s just not one of my all time favourites. It is however possibly one of the best adaptations from a book/novel/comic. Although that all depends on what you feel an adaptation should be. There’s a fine line i suppose, and how do you know when to cross it? Are you bound by loyalty to the fans to create a carbon copy of the book, include every detail you can? Is it blasphemous to deviate and change things? I’m torn, if I’m honest.  I’m unsure on what an adaptation should be like.  Should the director go out to make a good tribute…or a good film?

Whatever your opinion, I think Watchmen covers all grounds. Some say it’s confusing if you haven’t read the graphic novel, and I can see why. The beginning for a start is a little confusing, I firmly believe I only understood because I’d read the graphic novel. For one thing I found myself explaining to my boyfriend what was going on. The rest of the film however makes for brilliant viewing. It’s got enough violence and sex to keep a male action orientated audience keen, although there’s little for the females unless they (like me) are into that sort of thing. But then you’re not going to find many films that please everyone.

On the other side of the scale, all loyal fans of the graphic novel will be pleased that the directors stuck so firmly with the novel, changing little to nothing (I know, I know, there were changes, and one quite big significant one, but for arguments sake..). I’ve heard, and don’t qu0te me on this, that the graphic novel was used as a story board for the film. You couldn’t possibly get any closer to paper to film reel perfection.

In terms of box office successes, it wasn’t Lord of the Rings style amazing, although that probably has more to do with it’s 18 certificate, than it’s general appeal. Box office success or no, I still loved it, and it’s the first film I’ve seen in a long time that I didn’t walk out feeling cheated and complaining that they left way too much out. Bring on my special edition DVD, it can sit proudly next to my Watchmen novel, which is more than I can say for V for Vendetta. Good film, good graphic novel, two entirely different story lines.


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  1. O'Doodle says:

    Tales of the black freighter edition, FTW! Can not wait!