Posted by adrienne_adam on 8th February 2010


Hello All!

This is my first post on my brand new blog, which has been set up and designed by the lovely Andy Mardell. I’ve been dying to start a blog for absolutely ages, but never had the motivation or drive to do so. After a month or so of fine tuning this site, it’s finally ready to go!
Obviously the about me page covers what this will all be about, but for those who haven’t read it/can’t be bothered, I’ll run over it now.

Basically I’m completely in love with film, and everything to do with film, and I thoroughly enjoy writing and literature too, so I thought I’d combine the two and start a blog. Writer and reviewer extraordinaire I am not, and certainly am not claiming to be, but having a place to put across my opinions and write about things I like, is basically all this will be. If it’s interesting for people to read, then I’ll be happy.

Occasionally I will cover other things, such as books, comics and games, as I love all of these things too. I am a bit of a girly geek, my desk is packed full of comics, graphic novels, games and film magazines. I’m constantly attached to twitter, and as I follow both Total Film and Empire, I can always catch up on film news even if I’m stuck at work. Which is handy, because as soon as those magazines come out I’ve bought and read them straight away!

Anyway, this was just a quick post to say hello and explain what this will all be about, and I’ll set about writing my first themed post soon. I’m planning to cover Kick-Ass the new slightly controversial film adapted from the comic, so check back if you’re as excited as I am for it’s release.


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