Posted by adrienne_adam on 9th February 2010

Where to go from here?

Ok, so for the past year and a bit, I’ve been passing my time working for a certain hotel company in the south of England. Which is all well and good for the money aspect of life, but it’s beginning to get a bit tiring. With the job situation still fairly up in the air, I’m reluctant to move on from it, especially as I’ve got so many thing’s I want to pay for coming up. I’m absolutely itching to travel, determined at least to hit Paris and Rome this year, if it is at all possible. If I were to leave my job, both of those would be out the window, without a doubt. So I’m in a bit of a pickle.

University wise, I do want to go. I’m putting it off every year, purely for the reason that I’m not sure what to do. I know it’ll be based around film and journalism, possibly literature. Finding a course that absolutely 100% jumps out at me and makes me want to put myself into debt, is proving easier said than done. Southampton offer a few that have caught my eye, but not to the extent I want. I would love to further improve my knowledge on film and journalism, it goes without saying there is so much more to be learnt.

Work experience and apprenticeships are one route, and I have toyed with the idea of possibly going part time at work, so I could fit in some work experience. However again that clashes with the travelling, driving lessons and whatever else I need money for. If I don’t see some of the world now, I’ll regret it when I’m older, and I’d rather not be tied down to anything, or be too old.  I know absolutely, that I will regret not travelling. It need’s to be done, I’m not someone who’s content with being put in one place for the rest of my life, I’ve seen too many films of too many exotic places, to never see them with my own eyes.

So right now, I’m stuck in limbo, constantly thinking “what now?”. I do definitely need to do some serious thinking, but me being me, I’m putting it off. If anyone, has any advice on university or travelling, or any of the above, I’d be grateful to hear it! I’m quietly going mad in my head, trying to figure out what to do.


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  1. Dad!! says:

    We need to have a father/daughter chat methinks, umm, how does that work?

    Love you Boo, lets catch up next week?

  2. O'Doodle says:

    I think apprenticeships are the way to go because down the line the companies can put you through university therefore leaving you in little or no debt but with a degree under your arm.

  3. That does seem to be the way to go, it’s certainly more appealing than university, at this moment in time. :)