Posted by adrienne_adam on 21st March 2010

Kick Ass Premiere

Ladies and gentleman, I am going to the European premiere of Kick Ass tomorrow, in London.

I will take photos and notes and get back to you all on Tuesday, I am beyond excited its going to be immense!!


Ps. It took all my energy and strength not to type this all in caps and squeel lots! I am SO excited!!

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  1. Dom says:

    Me and my sister are going too. We’ve never tried to get autograph’s at an Empire cinema premiere so where is the best place to stand and where do the cars drop guests off?

  2. I wouldn’t know dom as I’ve never been either, but I’m going actually in the cinema to watch the film, so if I see anywhere that’s easy to get autographs I will let you know via this! Have a fab time x