Posted by adrienne_adam on 25th March 2010

Self diagnosed twitterholic

More of a rambling update than a proper post. But its official. I am addicted to twitter. Not in a “adrienne is on the toilet! Woo!” kind of way, but in a I’m following over 100 people and I have to check it every 5 minutes way.

It’s so addictive, that’s the problem. Not only are all your friends on there, but celebrities too. And magazines and companies, all of whom have been known to tweet back from time to time. Its also a pretty good place to shamelessly plug any blogs or projects you’ve got going on…ahem.

I suppose its less addictive if you don’t have it on your phone. I own a blackberry, therefore twitter is in my pocket, burning a hole. Maybe it is a bit self indulgent and vain, and its a personal challenge to condense thoughts and conversations to 140 letters. But it’s fun, and for the most part harmless.

I actually get most of my news and information from twitter now, not to mention it means I can follow all my distant friends. And while at work (Like right now…) I can tweet! And save myself from utter boredom. I would inevitably have gone insane by now, if it wasn’t for my blackberry. And this blog would be severely limited, since I now have a word press app and can update whenever!

Oh the wonders of the internet. And twitter. Sweet sweet addictive twitter.


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