Posted by adrienne_adam on 29th April 2010

Cloverfield 2

So if you read my last post, you’ll know all about my love for hyped up films. I mentioned the previous marketing campaign for Cloverfield, and how they’ve just started up (possibly) a new one for the next film. Most of the hype that’s happened so far seemed to be for the DVD release in Australia, but as my friend Mandy has been finding out, there are a few odd things lurking around on the Internet that seem to point to Cloverfield 2.

For example, a possible fan made website that turned out to be owned by Paramount Pictures. Slightly odd, and certainly incredibly intriguing. For those who wish to catch up on the various links around the Internet, I highly recommend you go to or more specifically here. She has covered everything she possibly could, including converting image to sound to further her knowledge on the whole mystery. Granted at the moment, it all seems to be leading to dead ends, but that’s not shaken her and it’s certainly not shaken me. It’s the sort of thing I love, and as this combines both mine and her loves, film and marketing, I’ll be re-posting all her findings and any of my own. If anyone out there finds anything worth looking at, let either one of us know.

For now, each time I find anything new, along with my usual blog posts, i’ll keep a cloverfield watch up and running.


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  1. Samuelf says:

    Remember how excited we got at the viral marketing campaign they did for the first one? :P