Posted by adrienne_adam on 28th April 2010

Short and Sweet

I’m sorry I’m so useless. I’ll get better, I promise.  It seems life has caught up with me a little bit, and I’m finding more and more excuses to push this blog further back and back. But no more!

This is just a short and sweet update, about the excitement of film&game releases this year. I won’t go through my epic list of which ones I’m looking forward to. Just how in my mind, absolutely nothing beats the excitement of waiting for something to be released. The absolute desperation you feel, for it to be that date already. The excitement of when it finally is that date, and then the panic to get out and buy said game/cinema tickets.

Sometimes I feel its frightfully unfair, how long they make you wait. I can imagine it’s worse for other people, I can empathise when it comes to games because really, there’s really only so much marketing you can do. But films, well it’s another story. And I’m such a sucker for a good marketing campaign. Cloverfield had me hooked from the word go.  I remember it being incredibly late at night, and my good friend Sam showed me the website. And so it began, hours of endless researching, dragging up websites that lead to dead ends, analyzing pictures, watching small video clips. It was like Lost all over again. Of course like Lost, half the things I researched were barely, if at all, mentioned in the film. But it doesn’t take away the excitement of it all.

I’m hoping Cloverfield 2 brings about the same sort of viral campaign, my friend Mandy is keeping a close eye on it, with me not far behind. It all just adds to my love of anticipation. Nothing makes me happier than finding out about releases, and researching them to within an inch of their life, up until they come out. Film marketing is intoxicating to me, it falls just behind films themselves in the list of things I love.

On that obsessed note, I shall leave you until next time. Which I promise, won’t be long. Now I need to go look through comments and approve them. There’s a back log of them too. Oh how useless I am!


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