Posted by adrienne_adam on 9th August 2010

Premiere Part 2

Sat on a wobbling train reaching around in a tightly packed bag that would make Mary poppins proud, is not my idea of fun.

For a start, the train is beginning to make me feel ill. Or the combination of a chicken sandwich and the train. Either or.

I’m looking for my ipod, and each item I take out makes me cringe, as I know how carefully I packed this, and how unlikely it is it’ll all go back in seamlessly. Or indeed fit in at all. And lo and behold, when I find said blasted ipod, it doesn’t work. Having tricked me with its friendly full battery this morning, it is now point blank refusing to even turn on.

Which is madness, it was turned off and locked all day up until now. So I can come to only one logical conclusion. My ipod hates me.

Anyway, the reason I’m even bothered about finding my ipod is that having read empire cover to cover I’m now bored on a train to London. The reason for the journey, however, its completely and utterly the opposite of boring.

For the second time this year I am donning my glad rags (an annoying glitter shedding blue dress) and putting on heels to walk the red carpet at londons empire cinema. I am off to the Expendables premiere.

For those of you who can remember, earlier this year I attended the European premiere of kick ass. Well now my dear friend has scored tickets to yet another premiere. To say I’m lucky is an understatement. To say I’m not a little smug, would also be an understatement.

This has to be the universes way of saying, “you should be a film journalist”. I’m willing to bet it will slow down on once in a life time opportunities if I don’t start this journalist career sometime soon..

Wish me luck!

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