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Posted by adrienne_adam on 29th April 2010

Cloverfield 2

So if you read my last post, you’ll know all about my love for hyped up films. I mentioned the previous marketing campaign for Cloverfield, and how they’ve just started up (possibly) a new one for the next film. Most of the hype that’s happened so far seemed to be for the DVD release in Australia, but as my friend Mandy has been finding out, there are a few odd things lurking around on the Internet that seem to point to Cloverfield 2.

For example, a possible fan made website that turned out to be owned by Paramount Pictures. Slightly odd, and certainly incredibly intriguing. For those who wish to catch up on the various links around the Internet, I highly recommend you go to or more specifically here. She has covered everything she possibly could, including converting image to sound to further her knowledge on the whole mystery. Granted at the moment, it all seems to be leading to dead ends, but that’s not shaken her and it’s certainly not shaken me. It’s the sort of thing I love, and as this combines both mine and her loves, film and marketing, I’ll be re-posting all her findings and any of my own. If anyone out there finds anything worth looking at, let either one of us know.

For now, each time I find anything new, along with my usual blog posts, i’ll keep a cloverfield watch up and running.


Posted by adrienne_adam on 28th April 2010

Short and Sweet

I’m sorry I’m so useless. I’ll get better, I promise.  It seems life has caught up with me a little bit, and I’m finding more and more excuses to push this blog further back and back. But no more!

This is just a short and sweet update, about the excitement of film&game releases this year. I won’t go through my epic list of which ones I’m looking forward to. Just how in my mind, absolutely nothing beats the excitement of waiting for something to be released. The absolute desperation you feel, for it to be that date already. The excitement of when it finally is that date, and then the panic to get out and buy said game/cinema tickets.

Sometimes I feel its frightfully unfair, how long they make you wait. I can imagine it’s worse for other people, I can empathise when it comes to games because really, there’s really only so much marketing you can do. But films, well it’s another story. And I’m such a sucker for a good marketing campaign. Cloverfield had me hooked from the word go.  I remember it being incredibly late at night, and my good friend Sam showed me the website. And so it began, hours of endless researching, dragging up websites that lead to dead ends, analyzing pictures, watching small video clips. It was like Lost all over again. Of course like Lost, half the things I researched were barely, if at all, mentioned in the film. But it doesn’t take away the excitement of it all.

I’m hoping Cloverfield 2 brings about the same sort of viral campaign, my friend Mandy is keeping a close eye on it, with me not far behind. It all just adds to my love of anticipation. Nothing makes me happier than finding out about releases, and researching them to within an inch of their life, up until they come out. Film marketing is intoxicating to me, it falls just behind films themselves in the list of things I love.

On that obsessed note, I shall leave you until next time. Which I promise, won’t be long. Now I need to go look through comments and approve them. There’s a back log of them too. Oh how useless I am!


Posted by adrienne_adam on 23rd March 2010

The Premiere of Kick Ass, my night with the stars.

Last night I was giving the fantastic opportunity of attending the European premiere of Kick Ass.

And now I don’t even know where to begin a write up…the film was pure genius, the venue was amazing and the stars gracing our presence were distracting and awe worthy. Walking down a red carpet with cameras flashing and people screaming is something I reccomend everyone does in their lifetime. The feeling is second to none. Not to mention being sat in a cinema knowing full well Brad Pitt is sat behind you.

However once all the star spangled aura had settled, and the curtains parted, I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever heard a quieter cinema. Everyone was glued to the screen, and I had actual goosebumps. The atmosphere was completely electric, and the film delivered beyond expectations throughout every single minute.

I’ve never been in a cinema where people clap and cheer and laugh so loudly, but far from being annoying, it simply adds to the experience. I’m reluctant to write a review, because I want to see it again!

What I will say is, it does differ slightly from the comic, but that’s no big deal I think in some ways I prefer the film. Hit girl obviously steals the show in every single scene she’s in, and although a British actor wasn’t wanted, Aaron Johnson played Kick Ass incredibly well. A friend of mine thinks that Red Mist was a little miscast, and I can see his point, but for the purpose of the film, a boy wanting his fathers approval, Christopher mintz-plasse does well.

I would encourage everyone to see this film, don’t be put off by the stupid Daily Mail, and don’t believe that Jane Goldman wrote the comic! Yes she was heavily involved in the film, and huge credit to her, but we have Mark Millar to thank for his genius piece of writing, and possibly my new favourite film of all time.


Posted by adrienne_adam on 21st March 2010

Kick Ass Premiere

Ladies and gentleman, I am going to the European premiere of Kick Ass tomorrow, in London.

I will take photos and notes and get back to you all on Tuesday, I am beyond excited its going to be immense!!


Ps. It took all my energy and strength not to type this all in caps and squeel lots! I am SO excited!!

Posted by adrienne_adam on 18th March 2010

3D madness

A quick update, just to say, has the world gone 3D mad?
Don’t get me wrong, I love this outburst of 3D films. They’re amazing and certainly offer a good distraction if the films storyline turns out to be a bit flat.

But it seems everyones jumping on the band wagon now! My film magazines are coming with 3D covers, 3D mousemats, 3D everything! Now, I have to say, SFX’s 3D front cover was absolutely amazing and slightly on par with the amazing films. But a 3D mouse mat, is not the same. Please please, the films are good but the free stuff is not!

However I do need a new mousemat so thanx Total Film, that was quite handy. That’s all really.


Posted by adrienne_adam on 17th March 2010

Remember me?

Hello all. I realise its been an absolute age since I updated, and I do feel guilty. The problem is March, despite nothing particular significant happening, has been rather busy. When I’m not working or socialising, I’m sleeping. I’ve also started numerous training courses at work meaning I’m more than swamped. I’m positively drowning.

Fear not, I’ve found time in my day to do a small update, and in amongst my cluttered schedule I have managed a trip to the cinema to see Alice in Wonderland, as well as squeezing a few DVD’s in.

Now when I saw Alice last week, I was too fascinated to really gain any material to put in a blog, so tonight I’m seeing it again with my dear mother, and this time I’ll do a write up afterwards!

Films aside, the end of March is currently glowing in a pokemon tinted aura. The remakes of gold and silver are released on the 26th March, and as I’ve been waiting since their announcement, you could say I’m a little excited. Sometimes I worry that I get so excited over these games, but oh well.

On the subject of games, I bought Call of Duty and Trauma Centre, both excellent games. Trauma Centre has led me to the false assumption I could in fact be a surgeon, causing me to size up patients (victims) for impromptu surgery. I’d advise all to keep a considerable distance until I complete the game.

So, until later on tonight/tomorrow when my Alice update will be published, I hope there’s still someone out there to read this mini (mildly psychopathic) update!


Posted by adrienne_adam on 27th February 2010

Cherry Bomb

There’s so many film’s I keep forgetting about that I so want to see this year! In comparison to last year, although there were loads I wanted to see then as well, this year I seem to be so much more aware of all the great movies coming out. I’m going to be absolutely broke come end of the summer. Then there will be this little quiet period before all the winter blockbusters start kicking out. Hello broke me.

I’ve covered most of the ones I want to see so far, save a few. One of the less mainstream big movies that I really want to see, is The Runaways. There’s a few reasons why, I like The Runaways and Joan Jett, my parents always showed me the music they liked when I was younger rather than encouraging me to embrace all the new stuff that they didn’t particularly like. So I grew up with a healthy respect and appreciation for all kinds of music. I also want to see how Kristen Stewart does as Joan Jett. I want to like her as an actress I really do, but having seen Adventureland and seen how she does the same lip movements and sighing and grunting that she does in Twilight, I’m wondering if that’s all she can do.

Obviously, I hope it’s not. She’s not your conventional pretty girl actress, I mean she’s absolutely stunning but in her own kind of way. She doesn’t dress up for the cameras she wears what she wants, which is usually ripped jeans and a baggy T-shirt and I love that. It’d be great if she could break out of the Twilight mould and prove herself a bit more with The Runaways. In terms of the way she is off the camera, she’s probably one of my favourite actresses, I’d love to be able to credit that with a few more films too.

I’m quite a big fan of Dakota Fanning too, although is it just me or did I miss her growing up? When did she get old enough to be in The Runaways? Swear she’s only about five. But either way, she seems like she’s got her head screwed on in interviews, and that being a child star hasn’t particularly messed her up, yet. Obviously the main drives in this movie are the female leads, and the music. Female power wasn’t around then, and it’s great to see a film come out about one of the first groups to really cement women in rock and roll. I won’t go all women’s right’s on you, but it’s always fun to see women getting gritty, especially when it’s a true story like this.

So in conclusion, I’m excited for this film even if it’s just to hear the music. I’ve seen the teaser trailer, which I’ll put here, it looks pretty awesome. This will be the second 70’s orientated film I’ve seen recently, which just makes me want to wear their clothes and listen to their music, it was so much better!

Posted by adrienne_adam on 15th February 2010

Watchmen; my favourite adaptation.

Not to be confused with my favourite film, far from it in fact. Not that Watchmen isn’t an amazing film, it’s just not one of my all time favourites. It is however possibly one of the best adaptations from a book/novel/comic. Although that all depends on what you feel an adaptation should be. There’s a fine line i suppose, and how do you know when to cross it? Are you bound by loyalty to the fans to create a carbon copy of the book, include every detail you can? Is it blasphemous to deviate and change things? I’m torn, if I’m honest.  I’m unsure on what an adaptation should be like.  Should the director go out to make a good tribute…or a good film?

Whatever your opinion, I think Watchmen covers all grounds. Some say it’s confusing if you haven’t read the graphic novel, and I can see why. The beginning for a start is a little confusing, I firmly believe I only understood because I’d read the graphic novel. For one thing I found myself explaining to my boyfriend what was going on. The rest of the film however makes for brilliant viewing. It’s got enough violence and sex to keep a male action orientated audience keen, although there’s little for the females unless they (like me) are into that sort of thing. But then you’re not going to find many films that please everyone.

On the other side of the scale, all loyal fans of the graphic novel will be pleased that the directors stuck so firmly with the novel, changing little to nothing (I know, I know, there were changes, and one quite big significant one, but for arguments sake..). I’ve heard, and don’t qu0te me on this, that the graphic novel was used as a story board for the film. You couldn’t possibly get any closer to paper to film reel perfection.

In terms of box office successes, it wasn’t Lord of the Rings style amazing, although that probably has more to do with it’s 18 certificate, than it’s general appeal. Box office success or no, I still loved it, and it’s the first film I’ve seen in a long time that I didn’t walk out feeling cheated and complaining that they left way too much out. Bring on my special edition DVD, it can sit proudly next to my Watchmen novel, which is more than I can say for V for Vendetta. Good film, good graphic novel, two entirely different story lines.


Posted by adrienne_adam on 8th February 2010


For those of you that don’t know, I’m an avid Marvel fan. Not that I don’t like DC, it’s just I much prefer reading comics that come from Marvel. Because of this, I tend to get giddily excited when comics become films, especially when they‘re Marvel.. So when I went to see a film a while back and saw a teaser trailer for a film titled “Kick-Ass” about wannabe superheroes, I had to go look it up. Turns out, Kick-Ass is a Mark Millar creation, the man responsible for Wanted and The Ultimate Fantastic Four series, amongst others.  Published in February 2008, and printed under Marvel’s Icon imprint, both the script for the film and the comic were being written at the same time. Unusual, but it seems Mark Millar was  incredibly proud of his new comic idea, and  proposed a movie deal to director Matthew Vaughn, before he’d even put pen to paper.

It’s a new venture for Vaughn, who’s well known for classics such as Snatch and Lock Stock, as well as family favourites like Stardust. Family friendly Kick-Ass most certainly is not. According to Empire’s March issue, the film was turned down by just about every studio, which only fuelled Vaughn’s desire to make the idea a reality. Featuring an 11 year old girl who regularly throw’s around the “c” word, and fight’s dirty, it’s sure to raise eyebrows as well as pulses.

Kick-Ass is one of the few comics who’s heroes don’t have super powers. Even relatively power free Watchmen had the big blue Dr Manhattan. Kick-Ass is basically a bunch of ordinary people, who put on silly outfits and go out and fight crime…power-less. Dave Lizewski (the alter ego of Kick-Ass was put up for auction, this was the result) is a normal teenage boy, who inspired by comic books, becomes a super hero. Turns out he’s not the only one, as he meets Hit Girl, Big Daddy and Red mist, throughout the film. It seems like it must have been done before, but again as Empire points out, it simply hasn’t. Which makes it comic and movie gold, at least in my eyes.

I love the Ultimate FF series, and the films that Matthew Vaughn has created, so to put the two together can only end in greatness.  Due to hit the cinema in April 2010, I’m literally dying to see this film. To keep me occupied until then, I’m determined to hunt down the comic book series and take a peek. It’ll be interesting to see how this film fares in a film genre that is beginning to find it’s feet, with the likes of Iron Man and X Men. I’ll definitely be writing my review when the time comes!



  • Empire- March 2010 Issue
  • Kick-Ass Wikipedia
Posted by adrienne_adam on 8th February 2010


Hello All!

This is my first post on my brand new blog, which has been set up and designed by the lovely Andy Mardell. I’ve been dying to start a blog for absolutely ages, but never had the motivation or drive to do so. After a month or so of fine tuning this site, it’s finally ready to go!
Obviously the about me page covers what this will all be about, but for those who haven’t read it/can’t be bothered, I’ll run over it now.

Basically I’m completely in love with film, and everything to do with film, and I thoroughly enjoy writing and literature too, so I thought I’d combine the two and start a blog. Writer and reviewer extraordinaire I am not, and certainly am not claiming to be, but having a place to put across my opinions and write about things I like, is basically all this will be. If it’s interesting for people to read, then I’ll be happy.

Occasionally I will cover other things, such as books, comics and games, as I love all of these things too. I am a bit of a girly geek, my desk is packed full of comics, graphic novels, games and film magazines. I’m constantly attached to twitter, and as I follow both Total Film and Empire, I can always catch up on film news even if I’m stuck at work. Which is handy, because as soon as those magazines come out I’ve bought and read them straight away!

Anyway, this was just a quick post to say hello and explain what this will all be about, and I’ll set about writing my first themed post soon. I’m planning to cover Kick-Ass the new slightly controversial film adapted from the comic, so check back if you’re as excited as I am for it’s release.