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Posted by adrienne_adam on 28th April 2010

Short and Sweet

I’m sorry I’m so useless. I’ll get better, I promise.  It seems life has caught up with me a little bit, and I’m finding more and more excuses to push this blog further back and back. But no more!

This is just a short and sweet update, about the excitement of film&game releases this year. I won’t go through my epic list of which ones I’m looking forward to. Just how in my mind, absolutely nothing beats the excitement of waiting for something to be released. The absolute desperation you feel, for it to be that date already. The excitement of when it finally is that date, and then the panic to get out and buy said game/cinema tickets.

Sometimes I feel its frightfully unfair, how long they make you wait. I can imagine it’s worse for other people, I can empathise when it comes to games because really, there’s really only so much marketing you can do. But films, well it’s another story. And I’m such a sucker for a good marketing campaign. Cloverfield had me hooked from the word go.  I remember it being incredibly late at night, and my good friend Sam showed me the website. And so it began, hours of endless researching, dragging up websites that lead to dead ends, analyzing pictures, watching small video clips. It was like Lost all over again. Of course like Lost, half the things I researched were barely, if at all, mentioned in the film. But it doesn’t take away the excitement of it all.

I’m hoping Cloverfield 2 brings about the same sort of viral campaign, my friend Mandy is keeping a close eye on it, with me not far behind. It all just adds to my love of anticipation. Nothing makes me happier than finding out about releases, and researching them to within an inch of their life, up until they come out. Film marketing is intoxicating to me, it falls just behind films themselves in the list of things I love.

On that obsessed note, I shall leave you until next time. Which I promise, won’t be long. Now I need to go look through comments and approve them. There’s a back log of them too. Oh how useless I am!


Posted by adrienne_adam on 25th March 2010

Self diagnosed twitterholic

More of a rambling update than a proper post. But its official. I am addicted to twitter. Not in a “adrienne is on the toilet! Woo!” kind of way, but in a I’m following over 100 people and I have to check it every 5 minutes way.

It’s so addictive, that’s the problem. Not only are all your friends on there, but celebrities too. And magazines and companies, all of whom have been known to tweet back from time to time. Its also a pretty good place to shamelessly plug any blogs or projects you’ve got going on…ahem.

I suppose its less addictive if you don’t have it on your phone. I own a blackberry, therefore twitter is in my pocket, burning a hole. Maybe it is a bit self indulgent and vain, and its a personal challenge to condense thoughts and conversations to 140 letters. But it’s fun, and for the most part harmless.

I actually get most of my news and information from twitter now, not to mention it means I can follow all my distant friends. And while at work (Like right now…) I can tweet! And save myself from utter boredom. I would inevitably have gone insane by now, if it wasn’t for my blackberry. And this blog would be severely limited, since I now have a word press app and can update whenever!

Oh the wonders of the internet. And twitter. Sweet sweet addictive twitter.


Posted by adrienne_adam on 18th March 2010

3D madness

A quick update, just to say, has the world gone 3D mad?
Don’t get me wrong, I love this outburst of 3D films. They’re amazing and certainly offer a good distraction if the films storyline turns out to be a bit flat.

But it seems everyones jumping on the band wagon now! My film magazines are coming with 3D covers, 3D mousemats, 3D everything! Now, I have to say, SFX’s 3D front cover was absolutely amazing and slightly on par with the amazing films. But a 3D mouse mat, is not the same. Please please, the films are good but the free stuff is not!

However I do need a new mousemat so thanx Total Film, that was quite handy. That’s all really.


Posted by adrienne_adam on 17th March 2010

Remember me?

Hello all. I realise its been an absolute age since I updated, and I do feel guilty. The problem is March, despite nothing particular significant happening, has been rather busy. When I’m not working or socialising, I’m sleeping. I’ve also started numerous training courses at work meaning I’m more than swamped. I’m positively drowning.

Fear not, I’ve found time in my day to do a small update, and in amongst my cluttered schedule I have managed a trip to the cinema to see Alice in Wonderland, as well as squeezing a few DVD’s in.

Now when I saw Alice last week, I was too fascinated to really gain any material to put in a blog, so tonight I’m seeing it again with my dear mother, and this time I’ll do a write up afterwards!

Films aside, the end of March is currently glowing in a pokemon tinted aura. The remakes of gold and silver are released on the 26th March, and as I’ve been waiting since their announcement, you could say I’m a little excited. Sometimes I worry that I get so excited over these games, but oh well.

On the subject of games, I bought Call of Duty and Trauma Centre, both excellent games. Trauma Centre has led me to the false assumption I could in fact be a surgeon, causing me to size up patients (victims) for impromptu surgery. I’d advise all to keep a considerable distance until I complete the game.

So, until later on tonight/tomorrow when my Alice update will be published, I hope there’s still someone out there to read this mini (mildly psychopathic) update!


Posted by adrienne_adam on 12th February 2010

Sir David of Tennant, My Time Lord

So I’m writing this whilst sat in front of a gorgeous roaring fire. Thought you’d like to know. Just been out to the shops to buy the new SFX magazine, drool! It has a feature on Doctor Who, and the revamp the series is undergoing. New doctor, new writer. It’s all going on.

Now all my friends and family (and some randomers I feel like telling in the street) know that I am absolutely and utterly in love with David Tennant. It’s borderline obsession, really it is. So you could forgive them for thinking the only reason I bothered to watch Doctor Who was because he starred in it. They are however, entirely wrong. I fell in love with him because of Doctor Who. I had no real notion of who he was before hand. And I will, despite my protests, give the new Doctor a chance, for at the end of the day I love the programme, not just the actor playing the time lord.

On reflection, I most probably love the tenth Doctor, and not David Tennant. Although he is a very (very very) attractive man, it was the quirkiness and brilliance in his portrayal of the Doctor that made my heart go all fluttery. He completely made the character his own, as every Doctor does. They say every generation has their own doctor, the one that was “the best”. However David Tennant seems to have completely taken over, with fans young and old claiming him as “their doctor” and “the best”.

He made us laugh, cry, despair and jump for joy, he fell in love, had endless heartbreak and seemed to become more and more human as time went on. Watching his clone self leave with Rose was heartbreaking. And who ever thought another companion would be as good as Rose? It wasn’t until Catherine Tate’s character came along, the down to earth simple yet genius Donna, that the Rose effect finally ended. And I’ll admit, upon hearing that Catherine Tate would be starring along side my beloved Doctor, I was less than pleased. But yet again the tenth doctor and his companion shined, proving me happily wrong.

I’ll miss him. He was my time lord, my favourite. I know I’ll probably love Matt Smith, he has the same quirkiness and charm, but in his own way. For me, he won’t match up. For others he may surpass. But I will always utterly and unrequitedly love the tenth doctor, Sir David of Tennant.

Posted by adrienne_adam on 9th February 2010

Where to go from here?

Ok, so for the past year and a bit, I’ve been passing my time working for a certain hotel company in the south of England. Which is all well and good for the money aspect of life, but it’s beginning to get a bit tiring. With the job situation still fairly up in the air, I’m reluctant to move on from it, especially as I’ve got so many thing’s I want to pay for coming up. I’m absolutely itching to travel, determined at least to hit Paris and Rome this year, if it is at all possible. If I were to leave my job, both of those would be out the window, without a doubt. So I’m in a bit of a pickle.

University wise, I do want to go. I’m putting it off every year, purely for the reason that I’m not sure what to do. I know it’ll be based around film and journalism, possibly literature. Finding a course that absolutely 100% jumps out at me and makes me want to put myself into debt, is proving easier said than done. Southampton offer a few that have caught my eye, but not to the extent I want. I would love to further improve my knowledge on film and journalism, it goes without saying there is so much more to be learnt.

Work experience and apprenticeships are one route, and I have toyed with the idea of possibly going part time at work, so I could fit in some work experience. However again that clashes with the travelling, driving lessons and whatever else I need money for. If I don’t see some of the world now, I’ll regret it when I’m older, and I’d rather not be tied down to anything, or be too old.  I know absolutely, that I will regret not travelling. It need’s to be done, I’m not someone who’s content with being put in one place for the rest of my life, I’ve seen too many films of too many exotic places, to never see them with my own eyes.

So right now, I’m stuck in limbo, constantly thinking “what now?”. I do definitely need to do some serious thinking, but me being me, I’m putting it off. If anyone, has any advice on university or travelling, or any of the above, I’d be grateful to hear it! I’m quietly going mad in my head, trying to figure out what to do.