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Posted by adrienne_adam on 29th April 2010

Cloverfield 2

So if you read my last post, you’ll know all about my love for hyped up films. I mentioned the previous marketing campaign for Cloverfield, and how they’ve just started up (possibly) a new one for the next film. Most of the hype that’s happened so far seemed to be for the DVD release in Australia, but as my friend Mandy has been finding out, there are a few odd things lurking around on the Internet that seem to point to Cloverfield 2.

For example, a possible fan made website that turned out to be owned by Paramount Pictures. Slightly odd, and certainly incredibly intriguing. For those who wish to catch up on the various links around the Internet, I highly recommend you go to or more specifically here. She has covered everything she possibly could, including converting image to sound to further her knowledge on the whole mystery. Granted at the moment, it all seems to be leading to dead ends, but that’s not shaken her and it’s certainly not shaken me. It’s the sort of thing I love, and as this combines both mine and her loves, film and marketing, I’ll be re-posting all her findings and any of my own. If anyone out there finds anything worth looking at, let either one of us know.

For now, each time I find anything new, along with my usual blog posts, i’ll keep a cloverfield watch up and running.


Posted by adrienne_adam on 25th March 2010

Self diagnosed twitterholic

More of a rambling update than a proper post. But its official. I am addicted to twitter. Not in a “adrienne is on the toilet! Woo!” kind of way, but in a I’m following over 100 people and I have to check it every 5 minutes way.

It’s so addictive, that’s the problem. Not only are all your friends on there, but celebrities too. And magazines and companies, all of whom have been known to tweet back from time to time. Its also a pretty good place to shamelessly plug any blogs or projects you’ve got going on…ahem.

I suppose its less addictive if you don’t have it on your phone. I own a blackberry, therefore twitter is in my pocket, burning a hole. Maybe it is a bit self indulgent and vain, and its a personal challenge to condense thoughts and conversations to 140 letters. But it’s fun, and for the most part harmless.

I actually get most of my news and information from twitter now, not to mention it means I can follow all my distant friends. And while at work (Like right now…) I can tweet! And save myself from utter boredom. I would inevitably have gone insane by now, if it wasn’t for my blackberry. And this blog would be severely limited, since I now have a word press app and can update whenever!

Oh the wonders of the internet. And twitter. Sweet sweet addictive twitter.


Posted by adrienne_adam on 12th February 2010

Sir David of Tennant, My Time Lord

So I’m writing this whilst sat in front of a gorgeous roaring fire. Thought you’d like to know. Just been out to the shops to buy the new SFX magazine, drool! It has a feature on Doctor Who, and the revamp the series is undergoing. New doctor, new writer. It’s all going on.

Now all my friends and family (and some randomers I feel like telling in the street) know that I am absolutely and utterly in love with David Tennant. It’s borderline obsession, really it is. So you could forgive them for thinking the only reason I bothered to watch Doctor Who was because he starred in it. They are however, entirely wrong. I fell in love with him because of Doctor Who. I had no real notion of who he was before hand. And I will, despite my protests, give the new Doctor a chance, for at the end of the day I love the programme, not just the actor playing the time lord.

On reflection, I most probably love the tenth Doctor, and not David Tennant. Although he is a very (very very) attractive man, it was the quirkiness and brilliance in his portrayal of the Doctor that made my heart go all fluttery. He completely made the character his own, as every Doctor does. They say every generation has their own doctor, the one that was “the best”. However David Tennant seems to have completely taken over, with fans young and old claiming him as “their doctor” and “the best”.

He made us laugh, cry, despair and jump for joy, he fell in love, had endless heartbreak and seemed to become more and more human as time went on. Watching his clone self leave with Rose was heartbreaking. And who ever thought another companion would be as good as Rose? It wasn’t until Catherine Tate’s character came along, the down to earth simple yet genius Donna, that the Rose effect finally ended. And I’ll admit, upon hearing that Catherine Tate would be starring along side my beloved Doctor, I was less than pleased. But yet again the tenth doctor and his companion shined, proving me happily wrong.

I’ll miss him. He was my time lord, my favourite. I know I’ll probably love Matt Smith, he has the same quirkiness and charm, but in his own way. For me, he won’t match up. For others he may surpass. But I will always utterly and unrequitedly love the tenth doctor, Sir David of Tennant.

Posted by adrienne_adam on 8th February 2010


For those of you that don’t know, I’m an avid Marvel fan. Not that I don’t like DC, it’s just I much prefer reading comics that come from Marvel. Because of this, I tend to get giddily excited when comics become films, especially when they‘re Marvel.. So when I went to see a film a while back and saw a teaser trailer for a film titled “Kick-Ass” about wannabe superheroes, I had to go look it up. Turns out, Kick-Ass is a Mark Millar creation, the man responsible for Wanted and The Ultimate Fantastic Four series, amongst others.  Published in February 2008, and printed under Marvel’s Icon imprint, both the script for the film and the comic were being written at the same time. Unusual, but it seems Mark Millar was  incredibly proud of his new comic idea, and  proposed a movie deal to director Matthew Vaughn, before he’d even put pen to paper.

It’s a new venture for Vaughn, who’s well known for classics such as Snatch and Lock Stock, as well as family favourites like Stardust. Family friendly Kick-Ass most certainly is not. According to Empire’s March issue, the film was turned down by just about every studio, which only fuelled Vaughn’s desire to make the idea a reality. Featuring an 11 year old girl who regularly throw’s around the “c” word, and fight’s dirty, it’s sure to raise eyebrows as well as pulses.

Kick-Ass is one of the few comics who’s heroes don’t have super powers. Even relatively power free Watchmen had the big blue Dr Manhattan. Kick-Ass is basically a bunch of ordinary people, who put on silly outfits and go out and fight crime…power-less. Dave Lizewski (the alter ego of Kick-Ass was put up for auction, this was the result) is a normal teenage boy, who inspired by comic books, becomes a super hero. Turns out he’s not the only one, as he meets Hit Girl, Big Daddy and Red mist, throughout the film. It seems like it must have been done before, but again as Empire points out, it simply hasn’t. Which makes it comic and movie gold, at least in my eyes.

I love the Ultimate FF series, and the films that Matthew Vaughn has created, so to put the two together can only end in greatness.  Due to hit the cinema in April 2010, I’m literally dying to see this film. To keep me occupied until then, I’m determined to hunt down the comic book series and take a peek. It’ll be interesting to see how this film fares in a film genre that is beginning to find it’s feet, with the likes of Iron Man and X Men. I’ll definitely be writing my review when the time comes!



  • Empire- March 2010 Issue
  • Kick-Ass Wikipedia
Posted by adrienne_adam on 8th February 2010


Hello All!

This is my first post on my brand new blog, which has been set up and designed by the lovely Andy Mardell. I’ve been dying to start a blog for absolutely ages, but never had the motivation or drive to do so. After a month or so of fine tuning this site, it’s finally ready to go!
Obviously the about me page covers what this will all be about, but for those who haven’t read it/can’t be bothered, I’ll run over it now.

Basically I’m completely in love with film, and everything to do with film, and I thoroughly enjoy writing and literature too, so I thought I’d combine the two and start a blog. Writer and reviewer extraordinaire I am not, and certainly am not claiming to be, but having a place to put across my opinions and write about things I like, is basically all this will be. If it’s interesting for people to read, then I’ll be happy.

Occasionally I will cover other things, such as books, comics and games, as I love all of these things too. I am a bit of a girly geek, my desk is packed full of comics, graphic novels, games and film magazines. I’m constantly attached to twitter, and as I follow both Total Film and Empire, I can always catch up on film news even if I’m stuck at work. Which is handy, because as soon as those magazines come out I’ve bought and read them straight away!

Anyway, this was just a quick post to say hello and explain what this will all be about, and I’ll set about writing my first themed post soon. I’m planning to cover Kick-Ass the new slightly controversial film adapted from the comic, so check back if you’re as excited as I am for it’s release.